Mission workers’ families

Practical support for people who care

The main aim of Avail is to support mission workers, and we recognise the important place families at home have in a mission worker’s life.

Our application form asks whether the worker’s family would like direct contact with us. There are a number of reasons why this can be beneficial. For example, you may wish to discuss concerns regarding such matters as living conditions, political unrest or health risks where your relative is working. Or it may be that the mission worker wants us to make contact on their behalf. We are happy to do this but would need your permission.

Prayer is a vital component of mission work. Each month all those who are part of the mission are given the opportunity to submit a contribution to our prayer diary, the Prayer Prompt.

We also manage donated funds on behalf of mission workers and will be happy for a family member to use our facilities should they want to give.

About mission workers

How Avail serves those who serve

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Our relationship with local churches

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