The Ritchie Family


The Ritchie Family


We are glad to confirm that what has been thought as “mission work” has changed. It is now quite normal to read of tent-makers who serve the Lord by building relationships as the primary way of reaching out. Mike and Ali Ritchie, together with their two children Eva and Luca, have been living and working in southwest France. They are now in their seventh year and are beginning to feel part of French life, establishing relationships within the French church and also within local communities.

Both of them are self-employed – Mike as a house builder and carpenter, and Ali as a designer of handbags and accessories. They are seeking to further expand and establish their businesses within the expatriate and French communities.

They firmly believe that it is through everyday work that the best inroads are made into people’s lives and though it is taking time they are beginning to see acceptance instead of opposition. In autumn 2015 they are hoping to be installed in their new home on the outskirts of Angoulème where they will be closer to church fellowship and friends.

Ali is sister to Heloise Brereton, who serves the Lord in Estonia with her husband Simon. If you want to contact them – or just buy a handbag – take a look at the website. There are two websites we recommend:

Ali’s own website is She was recently interviewed, and the interview and photos are to be found at:

How to contact the Ritchies:

Email: Mike – , Ali –