The Constantinou Family


The Constantinou Family


There is a saying “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” – or if you prefer, “His word will not return void.”

Sometimes life can be all over the place, highs and lows, but nothing is ever lost in the Lord. Andreas and Michelle have had one of those years, but as you read on you will notice the underlying sense of the Lord in the midst.

They had intended to adopt two Roma Gypsy sisters whom they were fostering from a Greek orphanage. Unfortunately, on returning to the UK they were unable to bring the children with them. You can imagine the massive disappointment. But they remain in close touch with the sisters.

Andreas did really well as a barista trainer, and while developing this role he had many opportunities to witness to the grace of God, especially in the prisons and youth projects. He will continue visiting Greece and Cyprus as finances allow. Michelle, in addition to being wife and mother, found time to help in a local children’s organisation and a food bank for single parents. She is also involved with refugees in the long term, and in the distribution of Greek Christian resources for children, which she hopes to continue in the UK.

They have a rented house on the Wirral which they will use as a base in the UK. This will enable Michelle to continue with home schooling their three children, and they will be able to draw together all the things they learned while in Greece, such as working with Gypsy communities, refugees, orphanages, extreme poverty, and the dynamics of politics.

Their time in Greece isn’t lost; it has broadened them for whatever the Lord has in store. We don’t think He will let the opportunity slip when faced with such a willing couple who are sold out for the Lord.