The Beckett Family

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The Beckett Family


Mark and Ronel, who are citizens of South Africa, have been in Mzuzu, Malawi for eight years.

Mark’s work this past year has included giving Foundation for Farming training in a number of different villages, and using Rose Falls in order to equip interested people to train others. Training includes a gospel message: stewardship, crop production, farm planning, compost making, etc.

Ronel started skills training (Skills4life) with ten ladies from the surrounding community. This includes basket cookers (a basket lined with insulation material that saves fuel), jam making, and using plants for medicine. Besides all this she continues to home school John Mark and Sasha.

This year has seen many blessings and challenges. Ronel has struggled in recent years with back and muscle problems but managed to fit in a trip to South Africa for treatment. Their two children (Sasha and John Mark) have had a number of their friends return home from the mission field and can occasionally suffer loneliness.

It is always amazing when you know people like the Becketts who really love the Lord and express that love to others in such practical ways. They are a given couple, and we are delighted they are part of the mission.

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