The Beaton Family


The Beaton Family


Robbie and Lesley Beaton live in Zomba, Malawi, They both hail from South Africa but have lived in both England and Scotland for a period of time before the moving to Malawi. They have four girls and three boys whom Lesley presently home-schools, but the time fast approaches when decisions will have to be made regarding higher education for the older children.

Most people would think home-schooling seven children would be sufficient work for anyone, but of course Lesley does much more. It is no secret where she gets the energy from: it is the Lord who is faithful, and scripture does say that “they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.”

Robbie’s work is teaching at a Bible school in Blantyre and preaching in local Malawian churches. Recently he has started Beracah Support Ministry, providing spiritual oversight and practical support for local pastors who are struggling with various challenges. His studies into traditional religion are going well and are very needful, because some of the great challenges for Christianity in Malawi arise from the ingrained tribal practices that occur and are treated as normal.

They are wanting to renovate their accommodation and provide a suitable area for all the hospitality they are involved in. The Beaton family are a joy to know and be with, and we hope you will join with them and their work as true co-workers in Christ.

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