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In this day and age thirty-two years is a very long time to have served the Lord as mission workers in just one place. What a team they are, and what stories they have to tell. They are testimonies to the Lord’s grace and provision through many challenges and blessings. We can bear witness to their faithfulness and fortitude.

This past year Steve has spent quite a lot of time overseeing the farm management with a number of professional advisors, some of who have provided very valuable advice and backed it up with financial and practical help. The purpose of the farm, apart from growing things, is to provide local people with organic vegetables at a price they can afford. It also allows them to employ local villagers, giving them opportunity to learn the best ways to get a good yield and therefore more profit to lift them out of poverty. Like all farming there is one vital necessity, and that is rain. One of the first jobs at the farm was to dig and secure a dam – but a dam needs rain to fall! The weather pattern is changing and therefore it can be very difficult to recognise the new order of things. It seems as if this year (2016/17) there could be a serious draught.

Steve and Anne continue to work with the church in Kikuletwa, which is doing well despite some incidents that often come from a people group like the Maasai. On Sundays they continue to meet under a lean-to attached to the storehouse, and it certainly has a unique ambiance to it. Mid-week meetings include a prayer meeting and Bible studies.

Anne undertakes home visits, more often than not including health advice and sometimes resulting in a trip to the hospital a forty-minute drive away. The elder of the church in Kikuletwa is a man called Abraham who is a full time, unpaid worker/manager on the farm. He and Pastor Wilbard Mushema, with whom they have worked for over twenty-eight years, are both close confidants of Steve.

There is much more to tell, as you would expect after so long a time. The above is a tasty morsel and not the full meal!

How to contact the Streets:

c/o IMP, PO Box 7477
Tanzania, E. Africa.

Tel: +255272751697
Mobile (Steve): +255754007477
Mobile (Anne):  +255688694265