Ray & Sylvia Skinner

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Ray & Sylvia Skinner


There are stories to tell about these two. One favourite is of taking a trustee by motorised canoe from Honiara in the Solomon Islands on what was said to be a four-hour journey. It turned out that this estimate didn’t include an engine failure soon after departure. Or having to berth part way on a tiny island to bail out the boat so we didn’t sink. And in terms of the time it took, double it! But more memorable was the move of God’s Spirit amongst the people – what a mighty time was had!

Having had their fair share of disappointments, they haven’t lost heart or the desire to serve wherever they are located. Presently on extended furlough from the Pacific field, they are engaged in earning some money with a view to buying a place to be a fresh mission base in Australia, and their longer-term home.

Sylvia is working in a Christian School, and Ray in a hospital pharmacy, at Port Pirie. This is a South Australian regional port with high unemployment, and is an unpopular destination because of historical lead and other kinds of smelter pollution.

They reside at Port Broughton where they have regular ministry openings at the local Uniting Church. Their mission/project involvement in the Solomon Islands is quiet at the moment, but they hope to recommence visiting in 2016.

How to contact the Skinners

Email (Ray): rayskinner@ymail.com
Email (Sylvia): Sylvia_skinner@ymail.com