Prem and Indira Subedi, Nepal

Prem and Indira Subedi have been working in Nepal. They were born and brought up in high caste Hindu families in Nepal. They moved to the UK in 1998 for higher education and a better life. As the time went by, situation changed, Prem developed depression and started to take medication and had drinking problem. The sense of achievement and meaning of life was under challenge. Indira was frustrated and tired. Their marriage was in the brink of failure.

In this difficult time and circumstances God miraculously healed and saved them. After finishing their studies, including a year at All Nations Christian College, Hertfordshire they both felt God was calling them to serve Him back to Nepal so they moved back to Nepal in 2009. For the next 9 years they served for a mission called International Nepal Fellowship (INF) as missionaries. In the meantime, they planted a church in Eastern Nepal and are now fulltime serving for and through that church. They are active in evangelism bringing people to God and actively involved in preparing leaders for His Kingdom through teaching and training.

They are fostering children from difficult and challenging background and circumstances.  They are now with AVAIL and thank Avail for this opportunity.

They are passionate to serve poor and marginalised people including persons with disabilities helping them help themselves through socio economic support and skill development.

Contact details

Skype: ganga.subedi.prem
WhattsApp (text only): +447898789768

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