Myrtle Martin, Peru

Myrtle has been working with people with disabilities in Montero, north Peru since 2009. She heard God’s call to the area while on an extended holiday in the region.

It hasn’t been an easy journey since then, with many setbacks. Myrtle’s work is linked with the local Baptist church, which is hard for the Catholic population to understand. But love and consistency have formed good foundations and gradually the work of Myrtle’s organisation, Runaperu, has gained the trust of the township.

“A lady with vision and perseverance who we are pleased to commend.” – The Trustees.

Myrtle is based in England, visiting her team in Montero three times a year for about a month at a time. Two years ago, she opened a purpose-built day centre and physiotherapy clinic for people with disabilities, also serving anyone who needs physiotherapy. The township is very appreciative and has helped with some of the building materials, loaning the town’s earth-moving equipment, and so on.
Myrtle most enjoys visiting people in the communities who can’t to get into town. She loves to pray and share Jesus with people. Whatever the hardships have been, she would be the first to say that they are more than eclipsed by the intrinsic reward in doing the job, by knowing she is following God’s call, and by his amazing provision for all her needs.

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