Francis and Ursula Fitzsimons

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Francis and Ursula Fitzsimons


Where is home? Africa or Ireland in their case. It might be better to ask which one is your birth country!

This last year has kept them on their toes, though this isn’t unusual. There have been fresh challenges that seem to include every aspect of their life.

It is amazing the number of things they do: school, palliative care, prison ministry, ladies literacy, Bible study classes and social aid. They report that they are pleased and fulfilled.

There was a five-week trip to Ireland over the Christmas period, catching up with family and friends, being able to hear news and express their thanks for love and support.

You may well ask: What happens in Mozambique when they are away? Well, like everywhere else the work goes on, and if need be they have special friends who can assist in sorting things out. This can happen with long-term mission workers – you develop close relationships with others, and you are there for each other. This isn’t demeaning to the Mozambican workers; the fact that there wasn’t anything major to report on their return is testimony to the great relationships and respect that exist between Francis and Ursula and their team.

Finance for such a large work can be a trial, but the Lord has blessed them abundantly. (But be reminded that funds will be needed again this next year!)

Heartaches do occur. Their own daughter faced disappointment at school; Francis’ mother went to be with the Lord; and a local girl was to be married off at the age of fourteen. In each instance the Lord has undertaken and sadness and sorrow are measured against victories.

If ever you wonder who to support, why not the Fitzsimons?

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