Florence Namaganda


Florence Namaganda


Florence is a Ugandan living and working in Kampala. She is the founder of a registered trust in Uganda called Special Children’s Trust. This was started to meet the needs of children who suffer with disabilities ranging from extremely severe physical disabilities to very mild and hardly noticeable ones. A lot of communities see disability as coming from the devil or the result of a curse for the sins of parents. This leads to the child being isolated and lonely.

First formed under a different name, the Trust has grown into a respected and recognised charity which is at the forefront of advocacy for the rights of children, raising awareness through campaigns utilising all the normal media channels.

Florence herself has a clear understanding of what the Lord has called her to do, and she clearly does it with all her heart. However, she is able to delegate – a vital skill for people with a vision. She has a faith that comes from the Lord and surely enables her to bear the responsibility for a work that has substantially grown over ten years.

We thank God for a woman who saw a need, heard the Lord’s call, and has got on with the task of doing what He wants. That is always a wise thing to do.