Fineke Janssen


Fineke Janssen


Many people might observe and listen to this lady and come away asking, “Does she ever sit down and rest?” Well, the truth is yes, but as you read on you may want to dispute this.

It has been a momentous year for the work in that a new sub-director, a lady called Felina, is in the process of settling in. Fineke is hoping she will stay for many years to come. A new development has been an opportunity with a Mennonite community with whom Fineke works from time to time. The church she has attended and worked with for many years in La Paz is increasingly giving her further opportunities to minister.

This is all extra to what she has been doing for many years – working with people addicted to drugs and alcohol, prostitutes and those who live on the streets, orphans or unemployed and homeless. She has a God-given capacity to embrace these people, endeavouring to help them physically and emotionally, and to win them to Christ. Along the way she provides accommodation, help and advice. A couple of scriptures immediately come to mind: one is the story of the good Samaritan; the other is “Run with patience the race set before you”. Fineke has seen the Lord heal and save souls when it could be said that they had no chance. Sometimes there are deep disappointments – for example, when one of them turns their back on the Lord or just walks away, maybe to end up dead. Thesechallenges are real and hard.

Fineke’s health has not been good. There are times when she struggles in coping with aches and pains which are not helped by all the demands of international travel that she undertakes in order to keep in touch with supporters and local churches.

How to contact Fineke:

Facebook: Fineke Janssen