Fineke Janssen, Bolivia

Since April 1989 Fineke has worked in La Paz, Bolivia, knowing the Lord called her to work with people trapped in addictions. The work on the streets has dwindled to a very low level, but she does liaise with other organisations involved with street ministry, receiving those who wish to enter one of Mision Adulam’s programmes. The Lord has provided along the way through His people (you) for the work in the houses Adulam, Talita Cumi and Jesed for addicted teenage boys and young women, as well as for vulnerable children with learning difficulties.

While Felina is responsible for the hands-on oversight, Fineke is responsible for the general oversight of the whole ministry and nitty-gritty legal matters, keeping in line with government requirements, maintaining contact with prayerful supporters abroad through newsletters, and visits in which she shares about the ministry.

Fineke mixes with those who are most disdained in society and travels extensively in the cause of the gospel. Incredibly compassionate woman who shares the Lord through word and deeds.    James 2:18 writes: Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.

The outreach to prisoners continues on a fairly regular basis, and Fineke has opportunities to speak in prison churches as well as visiting Dutch prisoners, reaching out to them in their own language.

Being part of a local church means involvement in a diversity of church activities such as prayer meetings, and ministering to people in times of need. As a result of links that have been formed over the years, this now includes encouraging local missionaries working among the Mennonite community and in rural Bolivia, though Fineke has not been able to visit because of travel limitations.

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