Bill & Angela Russell


Bill & Angela Russell


Bill & Angela are part of the Manna Publications UK team. They maintain close ties with Manna USA and Publications Manne France.

Bill is the treasurer and he maintains contact with some overseas publishers. The workload has increased over this past year, partly because Manna have made a start on recording audio books. These will soon be available to download from their website. The impetus for such a venture is the realisation that technology has moved on and it is possible for people to download audio books in some very remote areas of the world, even listening to them on a mobile phone.

The news from overseas publishers is that people are being saved and churches are growing in poor countries. This new audio venture will increase outreach, and is very encouraging news.

Both Bill and Angela are in their 70’s and hope to continue in their present roles, but are more and more aware that they are slowing down. Their book producer is in his eighties and in poor health, so there is urgent need to find and train replacements. It is quite hard and demanding work and volunteers seem to be quite rare, but we all know the Lord is faithful and supplies all our need. It may well be asked where their funding comes from; the answer is quite simple – they don’t ask for money but their testimony is that the Lord graciously supplies.

At present, besides contributing to evaluation of the audio books they are also responsible for the accounts and maintaining the databases. They also assist with editing, proofreading and distributing newsletters, cataloguing and backing up files of Manna books in other languages, so they can be found and taken off the shelf quickly and easily.

Not bad for a couple in their 70’s!

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