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Alan Lines


Alan is a man who can keep a straight face and be extremely funny; the secret is to watch his eyes! One of the wonderful things about the Lord is that He looks on the heart, and we are sure that when He looks at Alan’s He sees a lot more than we do; and what we see is a godly faithful man.

His interest in Romania first developed through short trips to the country during the time of Communist rule. In the late 1990s he spent a year as a volunteer at a secondary school in Moldova, but for the past eighteen years he has lived and worked in Bucharest.

Basically he is a private teacher of English, and he uses this as an opportunity to reach out and get to know people with a view to sharing the gospel. This involves both adults and children. He particularly enjoys teaching at a Bible school for gypsy brothers north of Bucharest.

Unfortunately in 2012 he had a stroke, which has required some readjustments to his lifestyle. But despite this and other difficulties he continues to be involved with two local Romanian churches in the centre of Bucharest, preaching and teaching in Romanian.

Alan maintains his interest in the Republic of Moldova and works alongside teams which visit from churches in the UK.

Though he is self-supporting he remains in close fellowship with his sending and supporting church, Raglan Road Church in Smethwick, where he has been a member since the late 1970s.

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