Matt & Michelle Barrow

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Matt & Michelle Barrow


Matt and Michelle are from Worthing, UK. They have four daughters and seven grandchildren. They were called to live and work in Nakuru, Kenya, but having obeyed the Lord’s command He has now called them to return to Worthing, so they are in their final year in Kenya. During their time in Kenya they have seen many wonderful things in respect of their work, and without doubt the Lord has been faithful and blessed them abundantly.

The nine lads whom they treat as sons (though not formally adopted) have now left home. Most are either in work or in the final stages of further education. The life training provided by Matt and Michelle has given them a base to continue as normal citizens, and though problems remain they have also been taught the ways of the Lord and that the Saviour is the answer.

To round out their time Matt and Michelle have embarked on a project to provide a block-making machine to set up a business which one of their boys and a young man from the church will run as a profit-making venture. Eventually this machine will be used to provide blocks to build an extension for their church building.

It is a remarkable thing to witness the dedication and proving of the Lord’s goodness and grace. It is one more story of God and man in harmony.

We commend them to you as they prepare to return to the UK and face issues of resettlement.

How to contact the Barrows:

If you write to them, please leave any envelope unsealed as the post is very unreliable.

Matthew and Michelle Barrow
P O Box 18112-20100

Tel: +254702264298