About mission workers

How Avail serves those who serve

Avail is happy to receive applications from mission workers already serving on the mission field. Those going to the field for the first time are also welcome of course and can take advantage of our training process. There are two levels of engagement, as a partner or as an associate; the appropriate level will be defined and agreed when you apply.

We don’t send workers and prefer you to seek the Lord as to His will. We trust this will be done in conjunction with the sending church. Our role as a mission is one of support in this process. One size does not fit all, and we tailor our services for you and your understanding of the Lord’s will.

Prayer is a vital component of mission work and each month a Prayer Prompt is prepared, which entails asking you to let us have your prayer requests. These are collated, checked and distributed by email. In the event of emergency we respond swiftly by alerting prayer partners.

Pastoral support is a major part of what we do and is undertaken in a number of ways by trustees or someone they delegate responsibility to. Firstly, we visit you in your home and seek to identify with you in your work. Secondly, we aim to regularly communicate with you in order to build a closer relationship of love and trust. Thirdly, we encourage you to give careful consideration to the risks to which you may be exposed and advise you of different ways in which you can prepare yourself for possible crises. For this to be effective we require you to complete a database that includes relevant personal, family and logistical information coupled with a risk assessment that needs to be regularly reviewed and amended. Fourthly, we issue a “Food for thought” bulletin to raise matters of spiritual and practical interest.

Promotion is an essential part of the mission’s work and will include traditional communication, social media and Internet sites to keep supporters updated. We give presentations to churches and at conferences.

Churches and supporters can use our facilities to donate to a mission worker. Those that qualify have the use of Gift Aid, the UK government rebate scheme for charities.

Underpinning our aim to ‘serve those who serve’ is our heart wanting to engage personally and intimately with both you and your support base. We are so delighted when we see and receive tangible expressions of this love and see the development that it brings.

Mission workers’ families

Practical support for people who care

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Our relationship with local churches

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