The Brereton Family


The Brereton Family


Over the past few years they have been increasingly involved in and have become members of the Baptist church in a town 35km away.They received a word from the Lord at the beginning of 2016 that they were to sell their house in Võhma, the town where they have lived and served for 13 years, in order to move to Viljandi to serve the church there. This means the children will be moving schools but as Mum and Dad believe the move is in response to the prompting of the Lord, they know that all things will work together for everyone’s good.

It is always encouraging when people move out in faith. The Breretons are not the first to do so, nor will they be the last. But every step forward is encouraging to them and we trust also to those who support them.

The business they started is proving to be an encouragement and has been a help in funding daily living alongside gifts from supporters, for which they are grateful.

Thirteen years is a long time in today’s mission world and it is a true testimony to the abiding word of the Lord. Those who steadfastly walk in faith will also be conscious that faith pleases God. When we say, “Press on, Simon & Heloise!” we feel sure these words will echo in your hearts.

How to contact the Breretons:

Mobile: 00372-53448902