Jonathan and Rachael Birch


Jonathan and Rachael Birch


Here is a couple with age and experience in church leadership who have given up everything to serve the Lord after being challenged whilst on holiday in the past. They are working with the homeless, male & female prostitutes, and drug users in Tenerife. They are still settling down after only being there for ten months and are coping well with the adjustments, but are aware that it takes time to be fully settled and integrated.

They are developing good relationships with their fellow-workers and they enjoy the work. There is still a way to go with other friendships and fellowship, but they are meeting every week for prayer and worship. They meet weekly with Canarian friends for language exchange.

One of the challenges they face is the necessity to wait on the Lord and to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, and they will appreciate your prayers for them. Another challenge is in convincing people of the genuineness of their work while they live on a holiday island. The need on the island is truly great.

Maisie has settled wonderfully, is very happy, is doing well at school and has a wide circle of good friends. This is a real answer to prayer. Rachael and Jonathan naturally miss their two older children, but have been able to see them enough through visits back to and from the UK.

Early days of missionary life can be quite a mix. There is the thrill of a new calling from the Lord, but there are also difficulties, being cast upon the Lord in a new way, and learning to live without previously established structures.

We look forward to hearing of the Lord’s goodness, and trust that they will begin to see souls saved and brought into a living relationship with the Lord.